Funfetti Ice Cream Cone Cookies

Did you know it’s National Ice Cream month? All my blogger friends keep posting pictures on Instagram of ice cream recipes and they’re making me drool.


I love ice cream! In a bowl, on a cone, in cake form, or with lots of toppings… you name it. I’ve never been a big fan of making my own, though. I normally just do a  skip and a hop over to the grocery store and stand in the ice cream aisle trying to pick my drug flavor of choice.

Allll the choices.

Good thing these little guys don’t require much decision making.



  • Ice cream cone cutter
  • White royal icing flood (thin out pipe consistency a little thicker than normal so it will not spread once applied on cookie)
  • Warm brown royal icing pipe and flood (one drop for a light color)
  • Rainbow colored jimmies

Pipe and flood the bottom square of your ice cream cone shaped cookie.


The ice cream part will be done in three sections.

Take white flood and flood bottom of ice cream area.


Allow to sit 5 minutes, then apply the middle section.


Allow to sit 20 minutes. Make sure your bottom and middle sections are dry to the touch before proceeding. Then, flood in the top section.


Immediately, while your flood is still wet, sprinkle top of ice cream with jimmies.


Shake off any excess sprinkles. Pipe out a basket weave pattern onto your cone using warm brown pipe.


Allow cookies to completely dry.


I absolutely love how cute these cookies are! They bring me back to my childhood days of hot summers and rainbow sprinkled ice cream cones!


What’s your favorite ice cream?

If you’re new to cookie decorating, here are some other tutorials that might come in handy:

Stay sweet!

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